If your goal is to get fit, lose weight, or learn a new skill, look no further than at our THREE FITNESS CLASSES. EXCLUSIVE FOR ADULTS. Each class ranges from low impact to high intensity. So come on by, bring a friend, and try any of our three fitness classes for free. You won’t be disappointed!


Tai Chi- Low Intensity With Many Health Benefits

FITBOX- Medium to High Intensity

Self Defense -Great Workout While Learning Defensive Tactics

Tai Chi class is for adults set in a calm,relaxing environment, slow-paced to promote stress relief, with many health benefits for each participant. Come and try your first class for free at

  Classes Tuesday and Thursday 5:30-6:15pm

Master Rousseau’s Martial Arts, Defense, Fitness

Our fitness curriculum centers on interval training, a cardiovascular exercise strategy that alternates between short bursts of intense cardio training and less-intense recovery periods. By combining rigorous exercise with circuit training, we are able to provide different training elements that never feel repetitive.

Classes Monday and Wednesday 5:45-6:45pm

One of the biggest advantages to taking self defense classes is the way it makes you feel afterwards. A lot of people are unconfident with their abilities to protect themselves before they join a practice, or take classes. This can be due to personal experiences, as well as driven by the news. We hear a lot about the negativity in our society, and this can leave people feeling unprotected. Self defense classes will build confidence in yourself. If you are getting bullied, it is also a great way to protect yourself and grow confidence in yourself, ultimately molding you into a better person.

Classes Monday and Wednesday 6:45-7:45pm


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